Mumbling Me© is a collective of like-minded individuals who work towards achieving an artistic goal. Goal in our case could be a stage show, short film, etc. Someone has a light-bulb moment where an idea is born, someone decides to transform that idea into a script, someone decides what to do with the script, and then many more someones are collated from the vast universe to realise the defined goal. For more information about our work , please visit our gallery.

We are always interested in people with variety of skills, knowledge and experience to be a someone in our projects. Someone, for example, could be a cinematographer, make-up artist, art director, director, script writer, editor, musician, actor, producer, crew, etc. If you think you can fit into a particular role in creative-arts process, then you are that someone we are after. You may or may not have skills, knowledge or experience but if you are interested in exploring, then you could be that someone. If you are interested, please do message us via the contact page.

We are always looking around for new ideas and new scripts, so if you have an idea or a script, please contact us. Please do not send us any unsolicited original creative materials such as stories or ideas, screenplays, etc unless we have specifically requested. Use of this website is governed by Mumbling Me’s terms and conditions.