For Her

Drama|Short Film

For Her
(2014, Australia. 05:30 mins TRT)

Day by day, the woman he values the most falls further and further away and he feels powerless.

A successful young man is planning to visit the woman who he values the most. He is looking forward to meeting her but it is not as straightforward as it seems. She is drifting further and further away and he wants to hold on to her. Will he succeed? This short film was submitted to various film festivals across the World and has been showcased few times on Channel-44.
Press kit can be downloaded here.

Pranam Janney (Son)
Magali Rage (Director, Screenplay, Editor), Pranam Janney (Producer, Screenplay), Smitha Shridhar (Producer, Production Manager), Markus Strack (Director of Photography, Cameraman), Malcolm Stroud (Original Story, Screenplay), Paul Taylor (Editor), Jon Brooks (Asst. Cameraman, Focus Puller), Lewis Wundenberg (Sound Editor, Location Sound), Peter Wing (Sound Editor, Location Sound), Matthew Cauvvto (Sound Editor), Adara Ward (Makeup Artist), Milena Mckay (1st Asst. Director), Maddy Gibbons (Production Assistant), Tristrom Cooke (Location Sound), Justin Dalaya (Location Sound), Audio Network (Music), Picture Hire Australia (Equipment)

Special Thanks:
Kevin Campbell (Rising Sun Pictures)
Doug Mason (Hexagram Films)
Gary Hiscoe (Ryokan Maandini)

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